“He usually doesn’t like to use dryers, but he was keen to go up an use it – he usually finds dryers quite scary. So it was lovely actucally, so for the first time ever we’ve used a hand-dryer.”

“Great for the kids, it encourages them to dry their hands, and they love it.”

“I thought it was really good. It was attractive in colour, and the kids could use it on their own – they’d washed their hands and were using the dryer when I came out of the loo, so it was great in that way that.”

Made for children!

Comfortably low noise calms sensitive children
Puff is the quietest hand dryer in the world with a fast dry time. Many children are scared of using standard hand-dryers because the noise they make is frightening to them. Hyperacusis, Misophonia, Senory Defensiveness, Hypersensivity, Sensory Processing Disorder and Phonophobia are conditions that can cause children to be overly sensitive of unusual, sudden or loud noices. Children with autistic spectrum disorders – an estimated 133,500* in the UK alone – are amongst those who are noise sensitive; the sound of a hand dryer noise can cause them become enormously upset. That’s why Puff is quiet. *source: National Autistic Society

If you’re concerned about your child’s sensitivity to noise, please visit www.hyperacusis.net or seek advice from your GP.

Fact: The human ear perceives an increase in volume of 20dB as sounding more than four times louder: As a comparision, modern high-speed hand-dryers (such as the Dyson Airblade) are measured at 85–90dB – approximately the same volume as a lorry driving past or a lawn mower. Puff the Magic Dryer measures just 70 dB(A), in the same range ambient street noise and a hair-dryer.

Cute, brightly coloured and appealing
Puff the Magic Dryer has been designed to appeal to children as a reward for washing their hand properly. They look forward to having their wet hands dried by a friendly dragon!

Good,clean fun
By making hand-washing fun for Under 12s Puff the Magic Dryer promotes good hand-hygiene practice which is essential to mimimising the spread of germs in child-care environments. Find out more

Very accessible
To make the dryer accessible to ‘little people’ Puff the Magic Dryer is shipped with advice on how high to mount the dryer for different age ranges. The dryer has touch-free operation so it’s really simple for all children to use.

Puff the Magic Dryer



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